Mertl s.r.o. is the successor company of a locksmith workshop founded by Petr Mertl at the beginning of the 1990s. Over the past 20 years, Mertl s.r.o. has established itself as a reliable and flexible business partner on the Czech and European markets for whom top quality and service are the standard. With the growth and development of the company, the production and business programme of the company has concentrated on several main areas:

First and foremost, manufacture of rail vehicle components. Achieving the highest degree of quality in this area has been confirmed by the acquisition of the highest level EN 15085 CL1 welding certification.

The second area is the offer of a comprehensive solution to the noise problem. We focus mainly on sound insulation of technological units and turbines, but also smaller units or air-conditioning assemblies.

The third area is the production of steel structures, welded constructions, machined parts and weldments including surface treatment. We go beyond the documentation and customer specifikation.

The fourth major area that Mertl s.r.o. deals with is trade in metallurgical material and its storage. Due to the considerable financial demands, these activities are covered by the parent company Teel s.r.o. We store in our warehouses in Hořovice and Zbiroh sheets, profiles and pipes, which are almost exclusively intended for specific customers and their specific projects. Thanks to the long successful cooperation with European steel works and European metallurgical warehouses, we also offer supply of sheets, cut parts, profiles and rod steel from the warehouse and/or production, focusing on the following fields: transport, energy, engineering, chemical industry, mining, construction, etc. All assortment is delivered according to the relevant standards, including the attestation, documentation and/or other required tests (ultrasound tests, acceptance by independent companies, etc.).

The fifth and brand new service provided by Mertl s.r.o. is bonding. Bonding is one of the most modern and fast expanding ways of connection of materials. In 2019 was Mertl s.r.o. certified according to DIN 6701-2 Class A2 ( Bonding of rail vehicles and their parts). We also offer consultancy and service in this area. Bonding is performed by our EAS and EAB qualified workers in a specialized workshop in Hořovice.

Mertl s.r.o. became a member of the free association of co-operating companies Sekyrka s.r.o., Mertl s.r.o., Altese s.r.o., Teel s.r.o., in 2016. This allowed us to significantly expand our production and trade offer. At present, Mertl s.r.o.provides the following material processing options in co-operation with the aforementioned companies: cutting, bending, milling, CNC milling, drilling, machining, welding, blasting, painting. The annual turnover of the whole group is CZK 500 million.

The goal of Mertl s.r.o. is to offer products, services and quality tailored to individual customer needs, while maintaining a "lean company" and keeping costs at a reasonable level.


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